Schema Link Pins Description

Keyboard shortcuts

Double Click (on text) Edit text
CTRL + Z step back
CTRL + SHIFT + Z step forward
Right Click Deselects current tool and change it to default tool
Selected Object:
Moving object in direction of arrow
CTRL + C Copy selected objects
CTRL + V Paste copied objects
CTRL + X Deletes selected objects
DELETE Deletes selected objects
Default tool:
CTRL + MouseWheel Canvas zoom +/-
MouseWheel Scroll up/down
SHIFT + MouseWheel Scroll left/right
CTRL (while selecting) Adds the clicked object into selected objects group
Line tool:
Shift Snaps path to 45° angle multiples when moving path resizers
Path tool:
Shift when moving angle points, changes angles
Ellipse tool:
Shift Converts elipse to circle when resizing
Rectangle tool:
Shift Converts rectangle to square when resizing
Performance mode

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